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Melissa 6 years ago
Black men are the best lovers
laura 6 years ago
the nigga taught them everything, why you butt-hurt?
Ashlwy 3 years ago
Pump that thick dark thick in and out tht wet pussy 36:00
Who is the girl? 6 years ago
45 minute mark scene?
@melissa 6 years ago
No, they're not. What a dumb generalization. Depends on the guy, not the race. Stupid bitch. You're probably a dude.
Sorry I looked 7 years ago
24:20 Thst Pussy like gross.
True 2 years ago
Women would be pissed if they knew men actually fantasize about having sex with all the women in their family...at least the attractive ones...maybe not unattractive ones
Robert 1 year ago
Byron long is so damn hot.
Freak 2 years ago
In da first seen lil mama had a nice ass
2 years ago
No nigger Amish don't happen